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(A)Innovation meets communication: artificial intelligence in our everyday work

At the end of 2023, Google published the biggest search trends of its users over the past twelve months. In the digital age, this is probably one of the best indicators of what has moved Germany the most over the year: The blockbusters Barbie and Oppenheimer in July, Harry Kane in late summer or Israel/Gaza […]

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At the end of 2023, Google published the biggest search trends of its users over the past twelve months. In the digital age, this is probably one of the best indicators of what has moved Germany the most over the year: The blockbusters Barbie and Oppenheimer in July, Harry Kane in late summer or Israel/Gaza since October. Google’s map gives an overview of sometimes larger, sometimes smaller peaks in search queries.

However, the term that was searched for as often in 2023 as only Covid 19 in the previous year, was ChatGPT. No technological development has interested, reached, and moved so many people in recent years and had such a lasting impact on them in so many areas as artificial intelligence.

AI integration at Schwartz PR: future technology becomes reality
AI was also one of the dominant topics for us in 2023 – both from a customer and user perspective – and we are certain that AI is here to stay. A few years ago, we could never have imagined that we as an agency would be working so extensively with AI tools on a daily basis in areas such as copywriting and editing, imaging and graphics or concept creation and adaptation.

Artificial intelligence as an efficiency driver
We do not see the AI tools we use as a substitute for manpower but rather as efficiency boosters. They help us to work out and channel our strengths and core competencies even better. In order to keep up with all important developments in the field of AI and draw conclusions for our daily work, Schwartz PR set up its own AI staff unit in 2023. We also exchange information on the latest market and tool developments on a weekly basis and network externally with various interest and expert groups – such as the IHK Media Working Group.

The following overview gives an impression of which AI tools have enriched our work the most in the last year, which we already use on a daily basis and which we believe we will use more often in the future:

Text creation and editing
At Schwartz PR, consultants and the team of content specialists mainly rely on the tools ChatGPT and DeepL Write for text creation, editing, summarizing, proofreading, and editing. ChatGPT is used as a supplementary tool for a variety of tasks that go beyond pure text work. DeepL Write, on the other hand, supports us specifically in the final refinement of our texts.

Image/graphic creation and editing
In the area of image and graphics creation, we are currently experimenting with a variety of services and are following the daily progress of leading providers such as Dall-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Adobe’s Generative Fill function. This puts us in a position to advise our customers in the field of AI-supported image generation. The initial open questions regarding copyright aspects when using AI-generated images in PR are also gradually diminishing. We are confident that the conception and creation of AI-generated images will be part of our range of services as early as the beginning of 2024.

Creating and editing video and audio content
Text-to-video applications such as Synthesia, InVideo and Stable Diffusion are evolving almost daily and impress us with each iteration. We want to be as active as possible in this area, testing and experimenting. However, it will probably take some time before we can use these tools routinely and professionally in PR. The situation is different in the audio sector, especially for virtual or telephone interviews. In this area we recommend the free Adobe tool Podcast Enhance, which processes audio files even under difficult conditions in no time. This way the files sound as if they were recorded in a professional podcast studio.

Concept development, idea generation and research
In addition to ChatGPT, which also supports us with initial concept development, we use the concept and idea generation tool Miro, which we are responsible for communicating on the German market. Miro serves as a visual innovation workplace and makes it possible to contribute and document ideas as well as designing, developing and moderating workshops and meetings at any time.

Thanks to the AI-based toolbox Miro AI, the platform is a valuable support tool, especially in everyday agency work. For example, Miro AI can create idea pools and extensive mind maps for a specific keyword or efficiently reduce the notes of all users to a few essential points – all with just one click and while all users are working on a board at the same time. These functions make the process of brainstorming and concept creation much easier and save a lot of time.

Productivity tools
AI technology is proving to be an absolute productivity booster when it comes to transcribing virtual meetings, for example. Manual transcriptions of meeting content used to be tedious and time-consuming. However, audio files from meetings, for example, can now be transcribed quickly and easily using Microsoft Office’s on-board tools. In combination with voice processing tools such as ChatGPT, many processes can be easily automated using targeted instructions – for example: “Create a summary of the most important points of the meeting including the to-dos for all participants”. This is where voice AI tools develop their full strength. It won’t be long before Microsoft integrates such functions directly into Teams, for example.

With the constant evolution of AI tools and increasing integration into our daily workflows, we are standimg on the threshold of a new way of interacting with technology. We are excited to see how these advanced technologies will evolve and help us redefine the boundaries of creativity and productivity. 2024 promises to be a year full of possibilities, where AI will not just be a tool, but an integral part of Google Search Trends 2024 and our work too.

We not only use AI tools for our day-to-day work, but also advise our customers when they want to integrate artificial intelligence tools into their communication processes.

Do you have any questions about how you can make better use AI tools such as of ChatGPT, Midjourney and Miro and what needs to be considered?

Please feel free to contact us at ki@schwartzpr.de.

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